"> Best Epididymis Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Epididymis Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Epididymis surgery is among the surgical procedures performed on men. When it comes to reproductive health and the health of the reproductive organs, you can easily see that this method is preferred as a priority. Epididymis surgery is performed in order to successfully treat this disease caused by tuberculosis bacteria.

With the diagnosis of the disease in the early stages, the necessary improvement can be achieved thanks to the drug treatment. However, as a result of the severe damage of the disease to the organ, it is rarely seen that epididymis surgery is performed by specialist physicians in the field.

Epididymisitis, which is likely to occur in men of almost any age, can be transmitted sexually from time to time, although it develops due to infection. Therefore, in order to successfully treat the disease, its causes should be examined and evaluated separately.

What is Epididimit?

There is a structure called epididymis in the back of the testicle, which is located among the male reproductive organs. This structure has quite important tasks in terms of transporting sperm and storing it at the same time. With the inflammation of the epididymis structure, which has the shape of a tube, the question of what is epididimitis can be answered. 

The fact that there is a health problem that can be seen in men of all ages also indicates that this disease is treated with multiple treatment options. The condition of the disease and the general health status of the patient decide which of these treatment options should be applied.

Although bacteria are the reason for the emergence of this disease, it is also possible to see it after sexual intercourse from time to time. At the same time, this disease can be seen only in the form of epididimitis, and sometimes it can be seen as epididymo-orchitis due to both testicular and epididymis infection.

What Area Is Epididimit Looking At?

The main reason for the question of which area epididymis is looking is why it should be visited in which units of hospitals should be visited for this health problem seen in men. This condition, which is likely to be seen at any age, can be treated extensively in both public and private hospitals.

You can make an appointment with urology units via the online system or by calling 182. After  specifying the most appropriate date for you, you just need to visit the hospital and discuss the situation with the doctor by making an appointment with a specialist in the field.

At the end of the interview, some tests and examinations will be carried out in order to fully diagnose the disease. Once the causes and stage of the disease are understood, you will be clearly explained by your doctor what solutions can be useful.

What is Epididymis Surgery?

The epididymis in the back of the testicle, expressed in the form of a tube, can turn into an inflammatory disease with infection. With the early detection of this condition, drug treatment can be applied. However, epididymis surgery is preferred if the disease is noticed in the late period and the organs are damaged.

With the application of this method, the area that catches infection with the testicle, i.e. the epididymis, can be removed by surgical intervention. Although it is a rarely preferred treatment method, it is recommended to perform surgical intervention in case of seriousness of this disease. 

When you visit urology units, the tests and the control of the general health status ensure that the decision is made which option will give a more effective result. If you do not want to be treated with surgery, you can start drug treatment with early intervention by following the symptoms of the disease. 

How to Perform Epididymis Surgery?

The details of this treatment can be easily learned together with the question of how to perform epididymis surgery. Although it may seem like a simple operation at first glance, it is sometimes expressed with difficulties. Epididymis surgery is approved for the removal of the inflamed area if the disease progresses and spreads to the organs. 

This surgery is performed by spermatoceleectomy method, which is in the microsurgery class in the medical world. In general, if there are no mishaps after the surgery completed in a practical way, patients can be discharged on the same day. 

If this surgical intervention is not preferred and drug treatment is applied on patients, different results are obtained. For example, the disease's long-term improvement and testicular shrinkage are among the possible consequences. In order not to experience these and similar conditions, you can contact your doctor and choose needle treatment or surgical intervention.

Epididymis Surgery with Microsurgery

The surgical intervention option, including spermatoceleectomy method, is one of the main methods used in epididymis surgery. Epididymis surgery is performed with microsurgery within the scope of being a practical and also fast-yielding procedure.

In the urology unit, the microsurgery option, which also ensures success, is used for treatment in case of infection in the epididymis part. It is necessary to intervene with this method immediately in order to prevent the obstruction of the epididymis part from causing infertility.

This procedure, which takes an average of 1 hour, is also among the simple surgeries performed in the field of urology. It can be said that the only disadvantage that can be addressed within the scope of this disease is the spread of inflammation to the organs. Apart from this, patients can return to their daily lives in a short time after the procedure. 

Advantages of Epididymis Surgery with Microsurgery

The advantages of epididymis surgery with microsurgery are one of the topics discussed about this treatment option performed in urology units. This treatment for men is investigated about what advantages it has with the preferred microsurgery option.

As a result of the procedure performed with microsurgery, the main advantages of this surgery to the patients are listed in the following articles.

  • It is a more practical surgery compared to other urological disorders.
  • Patients can return to their daily lives immediately after the surgery is performed.
  • The risk of complications is almost non-existent or short-lived.
  • Relapse of the disease is greatly reduced.
  • The average hour of operation is simple and fast. 

When you look at these and similar advantages listed, you can easily see that this surgery performed with microsurgery is an effective treatment option. The low probability of complications and rapid recovery are also defined as the priority advantages that can be offered about surgery. 

In order to further increase these advantages and to see the effects of the operation more quickly, you should also pay attention to all other details recommended by your doctor. These details are described in the subheading below.

After Epididymis Surgery with Microsurgery

In relation to the microsurgery applied for epididymiitis problem, the process that patients should know after this operation is also curious. Regardless of the surgical intervention performed, people need to pay attention to certain details in order to recover quickly. The process after epididymis surgery with microsurgery is described in the following articles.

After this operation, which lasts 1 hour, you can be supervised for several days according to your general health condition or your doctor's opinion.

After a few days pass, you are discharged and it is recommended to rest for a while at home.

In order for the infection to completely pass, you need to use antibiotics for a while.

There is also the installation of an apparatus to keep the testicle part stable.

You can put this discomfort behind you in a short time by following other recommendations by your doctor and using your medications regularly.

Considering these details and applying them as much as possible will directly affect your recovery process. If an unexpected complication develops, you should not neglect to contact your doctor or go to the nearest health care provider.



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