"> Best Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Operation Doctors in Turkey

Best Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Operation Doctors in Turkey

Genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation is a sexual aesthetic operation that has been in great demand in recent years. In labiaoplasty, which stands out in the STATISTICS of Turkey as well as the USA and Europe, the main purpose of labiaoplasty involves cutting and shrinking the inner lip parts of the female genital organs that are expanding, sagging, darkening or irregular. This procedure, which stands out in modern gynecology, is also preferred because it is functional along with cosmetic reasons. 

The number of women undergoing genital aesthetic (Labioplasty) surgery increases by approximately 20 percent worldwide each year. This operation, which is performed correctly by a specialist physician, provides psychological, medical, sexual and hygienic benefits along with the aesthetic arrangement it provides. In addition to labioplasty, vaginal narrowing, perineoplasty, puboplasty, G-point enlargement, genital area color opening application and plumping of collapsed lips are also extremely common.

What is Labioplasty?

Labioplasty is surgical procedures performed on the outer lips of the vagina (labia major) and the inner lip (labia minor), which is positioned immediately in gold in this region. Usually, the defects of the inner lips are removed instead of the outer lips during surgery. Labium minors do not contain hair cells, are not visible from the outside because they remain under the outer lips, are rich in nerves and blood cells. One of the biggest features of the inner lips is that they are constantly moists. 

There are two inner lips, which are folded together at the top of the clitoris. Labium majors cover the inner lips. Labia minora, also commonly referred to as the inner lip, may sag for some reason or be larger than usual. This condition is extremely common and causes aesthetic concerns in the patient. Labiums are regulated by the physician during genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation. 

What Area Is Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Looking At?

Since genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation is associated with the female genital organ, the obstetrics and gynecology departments of hospitals are interested. However, due to the inclusion of aesthetics, it is possible for plastic surgeons and gynecologists to work together during the operation. Plastic surgeons dominate aesthetic issues, while gynecologists master the anatomy of vagina and labioplasty. 

If labioplasty is performed with aesthetic concerns, insurance does not cover it like other plastic surgeries. Therefore, it is mostly not done in a state or university hospital. In general, special examinations are carried out in private hospitals or in private hospitals. The application of the operation is suitable for all women over the age of 18 who complain of excessive sagging or deformation of their genital inner lips. However, it should be approved by obstetricians and gynecologists.

What is Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Operation?

Genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation involves shrinking the inner lips in the genital area if they are large, dark, wrinkled or saggy and giving them a symmetrical appearance. The sagging of the inner lips (labia minora) in the female genitalia by exiting the outer lips (labia major) is corrected thanks to the operation. Therefore, the operation is also called inner lip aesthetics. 

Labioplasty operation focuses on correcting the appearance of the genital area. Therefore, it does not damage the hymen in any way and can also be done to virgin women. There is also no harm in the patient having menopause. At the same time, when performed correctly, its effect on sexual pleasure is great. During surgery, the physician takes the tissue located on the clitoris and provides a positive effect. The patient should shave the area as much as possible before the operation.

Why is Genital Aesthetic (Labioplasty) Operation Applied?

Women can request genital aesthetic (Labioplasty) surgery for different reasons. These reasons are generally as listed below. 

- The constant momping of the genital area disturbs the patient and causes both infection and fungus. 

- During intercourse, as a result of ashamed and shyness from the partner, the situation occurs when you cannot concentrate on the relationship and not be able to enjoy it. 

- Discomfort with the fluffy image under the groin when wearing bikinis or tights

- Pushing and forcing when urinating 

- Discharge in the genital area and consequent odor formation

- Wet the legs due to the way it goes in different directions when urinating 

- Discomfort with the protected and saggy appearance of the genital area

How is Genital Aesthetic (Labioplasty) Operation Performed?

Genital aesthetic (Labioplasty) operation should be performed in a sterile environment. The obstetrician and gynecologist decides whether the patient is suitable for surgery. Then the necessary procedures are followed. Although local anesthesia is sufficient for the procedure, general anesthesia can also be performed in some cases. 

The operation is completed on average from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. With the application of anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain. The sutures after the operation drop spontaneously within 20 days. The physician intervenes in the seams in the area if necessary during his examinations.

The techniques applied in the operation of labioplasty are determined by the physician. The most common techniques include:

- Delemination (deepitelization): Spreads by peeling the vaginal lips from the outside and from the inside. 

- Laser labioplasty: Labia minor (inner lip) is cut by applying laser. 

- V plastic: The tissue is removed in the form of wedges.

- Z plastic: The tissue is removed in a way that resembles the letter Z.

- Partial resection: The edges of the labia minors are removed to the incisions by the physician. 

- Lower wedge resection with upper pedicle reconstruction: The underlying tissue is removed in a triangular shape and then the upper segment is shifted and sewn. 

What are the Advantages of Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Operation?

Since genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation is performed in the field of plastic surgery, the biggest advantage it provides to the patient is to gain self-confidence by creating the appearance he wants. However, deterioration in body perception is corrected, the patient avoids experiencing vaginal infections in the long term. If there is a feeling of pain and pain due to tension during sexual intercourse, it disappears. If the clitoris is covered with excess skin, the elimination of this condition increases the pleasure to be taken.

Tight trousers, tights and bikini-like body-like clothing can be worn with peace of mind. Chronic irritation in the area is prevented. After fitness and pilates-like exercises, odors and infections in the genital area are prevented. Hygiene problems that occur during menstruation or after the need for toilets are solved. Patients feel better when they ride bikes, sit, drive and even walk. 

Process After Genital Aesthetics (Labioplasty) Operation

It is perfectly normal to see mild bleeding in the process after genital aesthetics (Labioplasty) operation and complications such as stinging, pain, edema and burning in the area. Patients who menstruate may bleed more than usual or swelling may occur in the genital area. In such cases, the physician should be contacted. Usually after the operation, the genital area heals in a short time. 

Patients can return to school or work life after 3 days after surgery. This period varies depending on the condition of the patient and the recommendations of the physician. For the first 1 week, dressings should be carried out regularly to prevent the risk of infection. Maximum attention should always be taken to hygiene conditions. 

Sexual intercourse for 1 month after genital aesthetic surgery, sea, pool, massage, hammam, fitness, pilates, yoga and sports are prohibited. After 1 month, the ban can be lifted with the approval of the physician. If the sensitivity in the genital area continues after this period, it should be reported to the physician.



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