"> Best Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Doctors in Turkey

Best Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery Doctors in Turkey

It is seen that aesthetic nose surgery is performed in two ways. Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is performed in two different options with an open and closed technique. In aesthetic nose surgery performed with open technique, a 3- to 4 millimeter cut is performed at the tip of the nose and the tip of the nose is opened. In aesthetic nose surgery performed with closed technique, the cuts are made in the inner part of the nose area. The surgeon works from the inside and performs the nose surgery in this way.

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is the name given to all kinds of surgical operations for the purposes of changing the shape of the nose and eliminating nasal health problems. Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery can be performed for many reasons. Aesthetic nose surgeries are also performed with the aim of healing people with breathing difficulties and making it easier for them to breathe. People who want to change the physical appearance of their nose may also want to have aesthetic nose surgery and rhinoplasty. According to the structure of the nose and the purpose of the surgery, the doctor decides the stages of aesthetic nose surgery.

What is Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty?

The other name of aesthetic nose surgery is rhinoplasty. Ear nose, throat and head, neck surgery specialists can be the reason for many aesthetic nose surgeries. Rhinoplasty is the name given to surgical procedures performed with the aim of obtaining a beautiful appearance for the nose and destroying the health problems of the nose. One of the most performed aesthetic surgeries today is nose aesthetics. The measure of success in nose aesthetics is directly proportional to the happiness of the patient.

For aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, an appointment should be made in the ear, nose and throat department. If aesthetic nose surgery is performed for the purpose of physical appearance, the nose should be in the desired appearance and breathing comfortably is also very important. The doctor who will perform the surgery in aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery should understand very well the physical change that the patient wants regarding his nose. In aesthetic and functional sense, nose surgery must be successful.

What Area Is Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Looking At?

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty area is looked at from the ear, nose and throat section in hospitals. Aesthetic nose surgeries are performed by ENT specialists in hospitals, i.e. specialist doctors in the ear, nose and throat department. Plastic surgery specialists and ear, nose and throat specialists can be preferred for nose aesthetics. No matter which hospital you go to in Turkey, the 2 areas to go to for nose aesthetic surgeries are ear, nose, throat and plastic surgery departments. Plastic surgery department is actually the place to be supported to correct the appearance of the nose after surgery.

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery can be divided into two stages. Ear, nose and throat doctors can have complete control of the nose and since they have intranasal specialties, this surgery is performed by ENT specialists. Plastic surgeons are not like ENT specialists when it comes to controlling the inside of the nose. Plastic surgeons specialize in the appearance of the nose. The specialty of each doctor, the doctor who looks after each department in the hospital is different. Each doctor looks at surgeries related to his or her specialty. 

What is Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is a procedure that we have performed for our nose for many reasons. In order to physically change our nose, we perform aesthetic nose rhinoplasty procedures. Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgeries can also be performed to repair injury deformities in the nose, to eliminate functional problems, to eliminate birth problems, to change the appearance of the physical nose, to relieve respiratory difficulties.            

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is important for the respiratory system and must be performed with the help of specialists. The most important element in determining the costs of nose aesthetics is the purpose for which the surgery is performed, in which area the nose has problems, how much experience the doctor has. Factors such as the choice of the hospital, the surgical materials used, the team expense items, how experienced the doctor is are all factors in determining the prices of aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery.

How to Perform Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Before the construction of aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, the purpose of the surgery, the desired nose shape, problems in the nose are determined. We surgically intervene and replace the cartilage tissue, skin layer or bone of the nose. Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is performed taking into account the characteristics of the face and the skin of the nose. A personalized plan is essential for nose surgery. Before aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, the patient's medical history is looked at. 

It should be understood in full detail what kind of nose the patient wants, in which way he wants a nose appearance. Although there are health problems and injuries to the nose, the situation should be examined in a personal way. Blood tests and laboratory tests, medical history and information about the patient are obtained and aesthetic nose surgeries are performed. Considering the nasal skin, the patient is given aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgeries in a special way. At the end of the operation, when negative consequences such as infection and bleeding are encountered, the doctor performs the necessary intervention.

Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgeries are usually performed in order to make the shape of the nose more aesthetic. Nose surgeries are surgical procedures. The other name of nose aesthetic surgery is rhinoplasty. During aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, surgical applications in different forms can be preferred. General anesthesia is applied in all other aesthetic nasal rhinoplasty surgeries except for some special nose surgeries. Nose aesthetic interventions can change and this can create changes in the duration of the surgery.

Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery lasts between 1.5 and 2.5 hours and may vary depending on the patient's condition. If the patient has already had a nose job, this can prolong the duration of the operation. It may be necessary to intervene in the sinuses and remove a cartilage part from the ear or ribs, and these may be more commonly seen in people who have previously had surgery. There is no direct intervention to the outer skin layer above the nose except in some special cases in aesthetic nose surgery.

What are the Advantages of Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Some risky conditions may occur in aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgeries. Aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery is performed by specialist doctors of ear, nose and throat. Some risks may occur in the nose and these risks are corrected by plastic surgeons after surgery. Plastic surgeons intervene and improve these conditions in all cases of nose, discoloration in the nose, scars and septum perforation, swelling of the nose, which do not have an equal appearance.

For those who have difficulty in function, it is observed that they are very relaxed at the end of the surgery after aesthetic nose surgery. Aesthetic nose surgeries are very healing in cases of difficulty breathing through the nose and numbness in the nose and pain. Ear, nose and throat specialists perform aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery and then plastic surgeons perform the necessary nose correction operations. You will be more comfortable with rhinoplasty to reach the nose you want physically and to eliminate nasal health problems.

Process After Aesthetic Nose Rhinoplasty Surgery

After aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, patients expect a difficult period. As with all plastic surgeries, it is necessary to accept that patients go through a difficult, attention-intensive process in aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery and all other surgical procedures. Since there are some changes in the structure of the nose, physical appearance, your nose may seem different to you in appearance and this can make a difference at first. 

In this process after aesthetic nose rhinoplasty surgery, i.e. in the process of making a difference in the appearance of the nose, it is most important that you reach the desired result over time. After surgery, you should stay away from your workplace and all your responsibilities for a week and take time off. Resting will be better and more relaxing for your nose and for you as well. If you want to have a second aesthetic nose operation, it is recommended to wait a minimum of 1 year.



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