"> Best Surgeries for Mass, Valve Deformities and Tear Ducts in the Lid Doctors in Turkey

Best Surgeries for Mass, Valve Deformities and Tear Ducts in the Lid Doctors in Turkey

Surgeries for tear ducts are generally preferred due to mass and swelling above the eyelid. Especially when looking at eye diseases expressed in the form of mass and valve deformation in the lid, it is possible to notice that the shalid, i.e. eyelid cyst, stands out.

Chalazion, commonly known as a painless process, occurs as a result of obstruction of the sebaes in the eye. This disease, which is usually confused with shallots, manifests itself in the form of a small lump on the upper part of the eyelid.

When you talk to a specialist doctor in the field, you can understand that the aforementioned health problem is a disorder that can be easily treated. Following the main symptoms of the disease, contacting hospitals in the early stages will directly affect your outcome.

What is Chalazion?

You can see that many topics related to this disease, called Meibomian, which occurs as a result of blockage of the duct part of the sebacalysis at the bottom of the eyelashes, are being investigated. The question of what is chalazion is one of the question patterns that can be cited as an example of these topics. 

This eye disease, which is encountered from time to time, is seen in many people regardless of age and gender and is interpreted as likely to be seen. This disease, which is easily diagnosed with a hard mass formation above the eyelid, can be treated with medication in the early period. However, in cases where it is late or the treatment is not obtained, surgical intervention is applied.

Surgeries performed on the tear ducts are also preferred for shaliding disease and it is emphasized that it is directly related to this condition. You can learn directly what kind of process will take place by talking to the physicians who provide treatment and specialize in the field.

Which Area Is Looking at the Chalazion?

It has become one of the contents that is discussed about which parts of hospitals should be visited about this health problem, which is mentioned above as having an eye disease. People can investigate the question of which area they are looking at through various sources thanks to the internet.

As a result of eye disease, chalazion and other similar eye diseases evaluated in the department of eye health and diseases can be treated after a simple examination and testing process. Non-surgical or surgical methods can be preferred according to the course of the disease and the general health status of the patient.

You can visit these units and share your problems with your doctor with the appointment you will receive via the online system or by calling 182. Thus, the solutions that best suit you will be presented to you clearly.

What is Chalazion Surgery?

Chalazion, which is also treated in the form of mass or eyelid deformation in the lid, is among the eye diseases. The question of what is chalazion surgery is seen among the most curious contents in this field. Chalazion, which can be easily treated thanks to the necessary care routines, is treated with the help of surgical intervention in certain cases.

Surgical procedures and corticosteroid injections are applied for chalazion that are insipid and stubborn. The surgeon decides which of these two options should be applied. After several tests and examinations, one of the procedures is performed depending on the condition of the cyst and the general health status of the patient.

Thanks to the techniques applied in the surgery, there are no marks on the patient's eyelid or eyelid. At the same time, this method, which can be applied with local anesthesia, is very practical for both patients and surgeons. You can reach detailed information about this method, which is evaluated within the framework of surgeries for tear ducts, through various sites.

How to Perform Chalazion Surgery?

You can easily examine the steps of the aforementioned surgery and the process to be considered afterwards thanks to the contents presented based on the question of how to perform chalazion surgery. Chalazion surgery is a preferred option if the drug treatment does not respond.

This surgery, which is known for being a fairly simple operation, is performed under local anesthesia. Thanks to a small incision to the lower part of the eyelid, the procedure can be performed without damaging the patient's eyelid. In this way, it is not possible to see any surgical scars. 

Chalazion, which has a hard cyst shape, is defined as an inflammatory disease. With this surgery, the cyst is removed and the capsule, which is called an inflammation nest, is removed with it. In this way, the possibility of recurrence of the disease in the later stages is minimized.

Chalazion Surgery with Microsurgery

Although the treatment method mentioned in the title provides success in many areas, it is not an option applied in shalige surgery. When you look at other preferred treatment options in this area where microsurgery method is not applied, you can see that each has a high success rate. 

Although microsurgery and chalazion surgery, which are covered within the scope of chalazion surgery, are not a content that you can get results from, it is not a preferred method in the medical field. The surgical technique described above is applied for chalazion disease, which is considered stubborn, and is very successful.

The simpleness of the chalazion surgery allows this procedure to be performed even in the examination room. In short, you can find out what advantages and difficulties can be by talking to your doctor about the process and treatment method mentioned. 

Advantages of Chalazion Surgery with Microsurgery

As explained earlier, microsurgery method is not an option used in the treatment of shapole, which is among eye diseases. Instead, you can easily examine the advantages of surgical intervention performed by specialist doctors under the heading of advantages of shaliding surgery.

  • The main advantages of this surgical intervention, which is considered as being both a simple and practical operation, are as follows:
  • It is an operation fast enough to be performed even in the examination room.
  • With the completion of the surgery, there are no surgical scars.
  • Thanks to local anesthesia, the patient is discharged on the same day.
  • Due to the regular intake of drugs, the healing process is completed as quickly as the surgery.

This surgical intervention, which has these and similar advantages, is preferred for chalazion disease that does not pass. However, if you notice this disease in the early period and go to the hospital, you can also eliminate the cyst that occurs with medication without the need for surgery.

After Chalazion Surgery with Microsurgery

There are certain conditions that patients should pay attention to in the shaliding surgery where this surgical procedure is not preferred. These details, which are especially important for healing, should be examined and investigated in detail under the heading after chalazion surgery.

According to most specialists, the situations that patients should pay attention to after surgery are explained in the following articles.

  • During the healing process, you should take care to use the medications recommended by your doctor in a timely and regular manner.
  • In order not to experience this disease again, you should pay attention to eye hygiene separately.
  • Do not touch your hand to your eye and make sure to clean your makeup in a timely manner, if any.
  • Individuals who use lenses should not wear their hands without washing and should clean their lenses with enough solution.
  • If you have this health problem treated in a timely manner, you will be less likely to contract this disease again.

If you take care of these recommendations listed and what to look out for during the recovery period, the time you are in will be completed in a much shorter time. You should also make sure to contact your doctor when an unexpected situation occurs.



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